Contract Staffing refers to the short-term or project-based recruitment of a worker rather than a permanent employee hiring. In many cases, this is organised by a third-party staffing agency. 

  • A contract for services, not just an employment contract: When a company uses contract staffing, they don’t hire those individuals as employees. Instead, the company enters into a B2B contract with a staffing agency which provides specific services.

  • Fixed-term or project-based hires, not permanent: This applies to a relationship of a fixed period or relating to a specific project. When that period is over, the contract terminates. It does not refer to permanent staffing arrangements. 

  • A third-party agency:  A staffing agency is usually engaged to lend or assign their staff to the client company. These staff may be employees or contractors of the staffing agency.

IT is one of the most dynamic sectors, where current skill sets get redundant as quickly as new skills come into vogue. This is where UHRS comes in. We have a dedicated team that specialises in IT contract staffing, with rich industry experience, updated with the latest trends, and quipped not only with a strong in-house database but also have the capability to source the right candidates, locally and internationally. This is why we are considered one of the best in IT contract staffing solutions in the UAE. 

A contract staffing firm usually provides the following services: 

  • Recruitment, or choosing from among its existing staff/workers for a client company;

  • Contract provision - Compliant employment or service contracts are provided, aligned with the project or work requirements of the client company;

  • Payroll and benefits administration - The staffing agency manages the payroll for the workers, as well as benefits and social contributions;

  • Tax withholding and declarations - The contract staffing firm withholds income and payroll taxes concerning employees;

  • Ongoing HR services - The staffing agency deals with any employment disputes, contract renewals, or terminations.

Here are six main benefits of contract staffing:

  1. Reduced long-term labour cost - Contract staffing eliminates numerous administrative costs related to in-house recruitment and other employment exercises. Contractual workers are a temporary solution and do not require an annual salary as they will only aid your business for a limited period. If there is to be an extra expense, it will be on paid learning and development of the staff.

  2. Faster hiring process - The hiring process of contract employees is traditionally a lot quicker since you would only be hiring technical skills to deliver a specific task rather than spending on a permanent employee.

  3. Immediate results - When you're looking for a dedicated labour force for short-term projects, hiring full-time doesn't bode well. The contract staff is on-board for a short period and knows that they need to produce an instant outcome. Hiring a contract staff guarantees your project is completed effectively within the deadline. 

  4. Fresh perspectives - Sometimes it takes someone outside the inner circle to enhance the perspective and functioning of an organisation. Contractual staffing brings a unique approach, new ideas, and fresh thinking that may benefit your company.

  5. Highly skilled, niche experience - The key benefit of hiring a contract staff is getting access to specific skills your project requires. Moreover, you may also get expertise your existing group doesn’t have. Having a highly specialised individual on your team can drive your business forward.

  6. Flexibility - Perhaps the most widely acknowledged benefit is that contract staff are flexible. They enable you to respond to market needs and demands as they happen. They are often used to working with various organisations for varied terms and can adapt quickly to a new environment to produce the best results. 

 Organisations regularly need the labour force to manage the recurring patterns of business requests. In many such cases, contract staffing has shown a superior solution.

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