Our automated payroll solution offers a complete ERP solution to our clients. Our ISO-certified payroll team handle the entire process such as producing payroll information, preparing payroll registers and periodic payroll reports in the most confidential, automated and efficient way. This way our clients can focus on their core business while we take care of their administrative hassles, saving them time and helping them increase their productivity and profitability.

Recently we have updated our systems to provide cloud-based solutions. This provides:


1. Complete access to clients on the active outsourced employees and potential candidates for new hiring job roles.


2. Secured access to employees to obtain their confidential information such as passport copies, labour card copies, payslips, NOCs, etc.


3. Modules for leave management, reimbursement option and options on how to manage incentive, bonus and overtime.


4. WPS guidance ensuring all employees have an active account wherein salaries are credited through WPS as per the UAE labour law every month.

Our payroll team ensures all employees accounts are opened and their salaries are transferred through WPS as per the UAE labour law each month.

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