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Your Preferred HR Partner for Expo 2020

World Expo 2020, the world’s greatest show, will be the first to be ever held in the entire region. This Expo will bring together millions of people from over 190 participating countries. Starting 01 October 2021 for 6 months, Dubai, UAE is going to be the place where cultures, innovation, ideas, and technology would get together for an audience of millions. Companies from across the globe will showcase their innovations and ideas thereby unlocking the potential and opportunities for progress and sustainable development.

For an event of such scale and significance, organisations would need the right quality of talent and staff to represent them. After all, it’s the last mile connect that defines the company’s / brand’s experience and imagery. We at Ultimate HR Solutions are perfectly poised to be your staffing solutions partner for all your staffing needs at Expo 2020. Our pedigree, deep understanding and insights of the local market and one of the best active database of multinational and multi-cultural talent would ensure that you get the best manpower solution that you truly deserve.

EXPO 2020 & UHRS

Power your pavilion at Expo 2020 with quality staff

Any requirement that you may have or any particular specification for personnel that you may need for Expo 2020, you can rely on us for your manpower outsourcing needs. We have a reputation for providing skilled and motivated employees who get the work done with complete dedication and commitment.

If you are one of the companies that are going to have ticketed entrance or pre-booking to showcase your product or idea session, then we can help you in hiring ticketing staff that can take care of this process for you.

We can provide qualified tour guides of varied nationalities. Their multi-lingual skills, aptitude and etiquettes would ensure a superlative experience for visitors.

For any organization, it is of utmost importance that the guests visiting the pavilion or the booth, feel welcomed and looked after. Our Guest Relations staff are experienced and capable of representing your company. From guest registration to coordination, they are bound to leave the right impression.

Category knowledge, demeanour and enthusiasm – these are the hallmark of our retail sales staff. Outsource them from Ultimate HR Solutions and experience the difference.

When you need experienced smart and reliable promoters hostesses or brand ambassadors in Dubai, UAE for Expo 2020, connect with us. Whatever be the profile you are looking we, with us you can be rest assured.

If your company plans to have visual presentations and require staff to help guests be ushered to seats or area where the presentations will take place then we’ve got you covered. We have a roaster of employees who fit the description.

We can provide reliable and cost-effective general helpers and runners who can effectively with your team members, helping your company put its best foot forward.

Our smart, efficient and meticulous merchandising staff is amongst the best in UAE. They can take care of the stock, placement and strategic handling of the company merchandise with ease. Outsource them from Ultimate HR Solutions and gain complete peace of mind.

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