You must accept the in three working days while immediate acceptance is always preferred.

Ministry of labor (MOL), submission of signed MOL to labor, E-Visa issuance, change status/Airport to Airport, Medical test (blood test) & X-ray if first time, EID Registration & Biometric if firs timer, Insurance, visa stamping and Emirates ID issuance

Passport size photo graph soft copy in JPEG format if outside the country, If inside the country, 12 Passport size photo graph hard copy to be submitted with white background and no glasses , Clear colored passport copies with 8 months validity , Visa page If employed currently or have worked earlier , Emirates ID copy back and front , Visa Cancellation if employed else Visit visa or arrival visa stamp , Attested Education certificate , Home country ID for Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran & Iraq Nationals

In addition to above listed documents, No objection certificate from your sponsor, Sponsor PP, Visa and EID copy & labor card copy. If holding a company visa then NOC must be on the letter head of the company

The visa stamping takes about 3-4 weeks if no Immigration security issues come that may lead to additional unknown TAT. Emirates ID get issued within 5-7 working days of visa stamping. You will receive a text message EID is ready for collection. This can be collected either by yourself showing the EID form at the post office or collect by UHRS PRO if shared the said text message

During Visa process, if individual is found Unfit then he/she will be deported to their home country and will get a BAN either for one year or Life time (At Immigration discretion that will be known when cancelled at this stage)

This is required only for Nationals from India, Nepal & Egypt currently coming to UAE on AUH Visa to through registered GAMCA centers ( Additionally, on arrival in UAE, you will have to do medical test again as per standard visa process that is a Blood test and X-ray

The labor card validity would depend on current Visa validity of an individual otherwise two years.

AED 5000 *- Refundable deposit (for all dependent as of now but might change in future like per dependent AED 5000) post visa stamping under new employment, AED 141 - Application typing cost (non-refundable) per dependent which could vary in typing center*, Labor Card Cancellation paper from current employer, Tenancy Contract and recent Dewa bill , Bank statement for 3 months, Original PP & EID of Self, Original passport and EID of all Dependent & photo of each , MOL offer letter from new employer .Once passport stamped, carry the receipts and original passport to collect the deposit and unfreeze dependent visa. *subject to change as per guidelines of Immigration

This entirely depends on the offer given by the employer you would work for as part of the benefits else cost to be borne by self

The overstay fines will stop once change status is completed or airport to airport exit for visa change is done. The fines will be as below if- On Cancellation visa: First day AED 100 followed by AED 25 each day On Visit Visa: First day AED 200 followed by AED 100 each day

PCC is a good conduct certificate candidate has to apply if required by client through Dubai Police Government link (!ut/p/z0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8zi_T29HQ2NvA18LYLMDAwcfRzNPH09_QwMzMz0g1Pz9AuyHRUBYj1_cQ!!/) The registration is through your UAE mobile number and valid EID costing AED 220 (subject to change as per Dubai Police Rules & Regulations) to be paid by Credit card. This to be borne by self unless exempted by the employer.

Yes, it is known as Nexxus. You will have only one-time access to update your personal, dependent, education & experience details in addition to documents to be upload like CV, PP and experience letters.

We have dedicated team who will email you soft copy of Passport, Visa page, Emirates ID, labor card and labor contract after completion of process. The same can also be requested via email as and when required.

Account Opening (salary transfer letter), NOC for driving licenses (English and Arabic), salary certificate addressed to banks and financial institution for cards and loans, letter to Embassy/Consulate for travelling abroad and Arabic letter such as Umrah NOC. For some client HR approval is required.

All the letters would be issued within 1 to 2 working days. Arabic letters take 2 to 3 working days.

You would require an approval from your line manager for us to issue you the above letters.

While sending request, below should be mention in email  Letter Addressing authority  Full Name  Passport no  Purpose of letter

To change designation on your visa, your educational document minimum bachelor degree needs to be completely attested both from outside country (i.e. from where the degree is obtained) and inside UAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Yes, you can request for change of designation 1 month before your labor and visa expiry, provided you have complete attested degree. Change of designation is subject to client approval. New designation will also be approved by client.

You can route the change of designation request anytime, however cost of change of designation is born by staff and this is subject to client approval.

After receiving approval from client, you will be contact by UHRS team during your visa expiry month for renewal.

Yes, it is mandatory to apply for the same. UHRS team will book your medical if you have Dubai visa and will guide you further process. If AUH Visa is being processed, medical will be completed from AUH.

For Dubai, the timings and telephone no. please visit the below site.

Yes, your labor card also requires renewal. This will happen simultaneously during the visa renewal process.

No this has no effect unless you have changed the sponsor.

Normal visa and labor renewal take 15 working days.

You need to serve notice period as per your labor contract. Notice period vary from client to client it can be from 1 month to 3 months. You are required to submit your resignation with our client and also need to ensure all liability clearance is obtained from the client. All company assets are handed over.

Failure to serve notice period will lead to deduction of that notice period salary from your End of service/Final settlement.

It will take 5 to 6 working days to cancel visa after clearance from client is received and cancellation application is signed by staff.

Once the visa is cancelled, you can collect passport from UHRS office next working day.

Once your visa is cancelled you will be given an experience letter from the UHRS mentioning your job designation and tenure.

You need to inform the UHRS that you have family/dependents under your sponsorship. You need to either provide family cancellation or hold paper to UHRS in order to cancel your visa. To hold family visa, we will provide you labor cancellation paper and you hold/freeze family visa at immigration.

You have to return all the client assets such as uniform, access card etc. and UHRS provided assets (such as insurance card) on your last working date.

Yes, you need to submit clear colored copy of new passport to UHRS.

You can provide your existing account details. If not available open new account with the registered bank of UHRS or if you wish to open the account in your preferred bank NOC will be provided by UHRS and you have to submit the account details with in a weeks’ time.

You will receive the pay slip every month automatically through HRMS system and sent to your registered email address provided in the records.

The monthly salary will be processed on date proposed by the employer you are hired for.

The claim amount along with supporting, submit to client. Based on client approval your claim will be reimbursed.

Leaves can be availed upon approval. For all kind of availed leaves leave application form is required to submit. In case of sick leave DHA certificate is mandatory to submit.

You ae entitled for 45 calendar days as per UAE labor law. It will be paid leave if completed a year. Less than a year you will be paid prorated amount as per months you have worked for.

In case, consecutive seven or more days leaves are availed without intimation, your employment will be terminated under Article 120 as per UAE labor law.

Upon completion of a year you are eligible for Gratuity.

No, you are not eligible if terminated under Article 120 as per UAE labor law.

You will receive your final settlement after the visa cancellation.