Appreciation is now an integral part of creating a positive employee experience. When employees are happy; from their initial hiring and onboarding to their day-to-day job satisfaction and their interactions with co-workers and seniors, they’re more likely to be committed to the company and help boost the company’s overall performance. In turn, the company sees employee retention and therefore, greater long-term success.

These are just a few ways:

  1. A number of small but sincere gestures, will add up over time. Writing an appreciation note and giving it to them face to face or mailing it to them could be a thoughtful plan. Alternatively, a well-designed e-card mailer can be sent to them. This program can be from a senior to a junior employee or even amongst peer members to encourage each other’s efforts.
  2. An occasional team breakfast or lunch surely would go well with staff. A pre-announcement about this will make them look forward to that day and will enhance intra-personal relationships amongst employees. For employees working remotely, once in a while food delivery can be facilitated to make them feel special, or even credit their account with a balance with which they can treat themselves to a meal.
  3. Who does not like a surprise gift? It is bound to thrill the employee. A simple gift like a personalised coffee mug with the employee’s name on it can make a huge difference to them. A pen, notebook, or water bottle can also be a small but impactful choice.
  4. Another way to bond employees together with happiness can be a dress-up occasion where a theme is declared. This can be very exciting at times, especially with female employees. At the end of the day, a small token of appreciation can be awarded to the one who dresses up most interestingly. Even those away from the office can be a part of this through an online platform.
  5. Another way to increase intra-personal bonding can be by arranging for a workshop of some sort for the team, either on-site or off-site. This will create opportunities for all those who, because of work schedules or departmental distances, have not interacted well enough to know one another. Team building can be boosted very well through this technique. Enhance employee satisfaction and retention with these practical tips from UHRS.