The assets of a company are not its finances or its investors.

Yes, you read that right.

The true assets of a company are its employees or its talent. When the right talent is hired a company is bound to flourish and conversely, when the right company is found, the talent is bound to grow.

Talent development is optimizing the skills of the employees and capitalizing on their strengths to help them become an asset to the company, and thus developing leaders for a successful future.

In the current times, employees spend as much time at their workplace as they do out of it. It is crucial for them to make an effective contribution to the company, expand their areas of interest and enhance their productivity. Therefore, recognizing the potential in employees, targeting their strengths and initiating talent development strategies to ensure growth is a must.

Below are some strategies to follow to ascertain talent development

1. A shift from being Senior Executives to being Role Models

Leaders should nurture talent development by acting as coaches and sharing their expertise with their teams. Such a work culture emphasizes the need to learn. Thus, ensuring the talent to feel important and practice learning.

2. Recognize the talent and move them vertically or horizontally

Show employees that you are committed to their careers. Future leaders may already be in your organization. Recognize them and train them accordingly to shape their future and provide them with suitable roles. This will not only better the talent but also pave a way for the company’s faster growth.

3. Initiate Talent Development workshops, programs and training

Experiential learning retains stronger than paper learning. Offer opportunities to practice and initiate collaborative projects to practically experiment with what they’ve learned in the workshops.

4. Evaluate and analyse the impact

Employee feedback is necessary. Think of ways to better talent development strategies and enhance the strategies that work well.


Talent Development is more than just training sessions. It’s about finding the right candidates and making them evolve to become future leaders for your company. It involves proper planning and execution to be impactful and sustainable. Recruit a Talent Development team and practice it as part of your work culture.