There are many business hubs worldwide, but you will scarcely find one as diverse and dynamic as the UAE. The country is home to various business centres and top global companies. UAE, in recent times, has witnessed immense growth and development and has become an ultimate destination for many to have a successful shot at a career.

Given how quickly the UAE is making space for all to come and be a part of this fantastic growth journey, everyone is rushing to stay here and pursue the best of world facilities. The world is here. Where are you?

How to get a work permit to work in the UAE?

Now that you have decided to travel to the UAE and make your dreams come true, a work permit is a document you must attain to legitimize your stay in the country and work freely. Immigration to the country is a robust system of offering entry permits for specific purposes. The UAE offers a wide range of permits and visas to enable expats to visit the country, whose period and nature differ according to the country one belongs to.

As the name suggests, work permits are for an individual looking to enter the UAE for a job or similar purpose. In the country, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is the nodal department that issues work permits to foreigners. The local employer must apply for a work permit to move the employee to the UAE. Once the sponsoring local employer applies for the work permit, it is issued by the concerned department after due diligence. This work permit issuance is valid for the next two months from the date of issue.

The individual can now enter the UAE with the issued permit. The sponsoring local employer now presides over the requirements to complete the process. This is essential to streamlining and easing the process of getting a work permit in the UAE. UHRS is one of the best HR consultancies in Dubai, which can help to make your dream come true, but before that, it is necessary to know a few basic steps to get the permit.

Approval of visa:

First, to get a work permit, the local employer must get the entry visa approved by the Ministry of Labour, which takes about three days. In addition, if the company is in any of the free zones of the UAE, the employer must secure it before the employee arrives in the country.

The signing of the job contract:

Following the first step, the employer sends a job contract to the employee for the latter's signature and presents it to the Ministry of Labour. The agreement document is in both English and Arabic. However, it can also be written in a third language if the employee belongs to a non-English and non-Arabic-speaking country.

Approval of permit from the Ministry:

At this stage, the Ministry of Labour verifies if any unemployed UAE nationals can fill the position for which the employer seeks the work. In addition, the Ministry also checks the registration status of the company seeking the permit. The process moves forward after three to five days when these conditions are verified.

Entry visa:

After the work permit is approved, the Ministry of Labour takes approximately three days to issue the entry visa. The expat can now enter and legally work in the country. The entry visa is valid for two months and enables the employee to stay in the country while the formal work permit is processed.

Additional formalities:

In addition, the expatriate employee must have a medical screening and apply for an Emirates ID, an identification card for all UAE citizens and residents. The employee also needs to be covered under health insurance which is mandatory under UAE law. Furthermore, the employees also need their Residential Visa stamped in their passports to stay in the UAE legally until the formalities are completed.

The process is complex and has numerous intricate details to follow while seeking a work permit. However, with UHRS, the best HR consultancy in Dubai, the process is further simplified for convenience and understanding.