Everyone is still talking about Expo, the greatest show in the history of the worldwide exposition. There is universal agreement on the finesse by which the size and scale of the event was managed flawlessly. We at UHRS have been wearing broad smiles every time we hear such conversations. Our story is simple – We provided many of the people who contributed to the success of Expo, and we are proud of what we achieved.

Even for the casual visitor it is obvious that nothing less than an army of well-trained and committed people to make the event such a colossal success. Only if each one of the people who held various responsibilities did their work with a smile and put the visitor ahead of everything else, would the 25.4Mn strong happy attendees had the times of their lives.

Our story at the Expo is brought alive by the hundreds of team members that we onboarded for the six month long event. The team members we brought in played crucial roles as Pavilion Coordinators, Events and Entertainment managers, Humans Resource team members, Production and Operations executives, Staging assistants, Technical Production managers, Show Operations team members, Marketing Strategy & Sales executives, Special FX creators, Maintenance & Installations staff, Planning & Management leads, Landlord Office representatives, Thematic District Pavilion managers, and parts of the Finance, Security Operations, and Public Transportation teams. Chances are, you must have met at least one of those onboarded by UHRS every hour that you spent at the Expo.

While some of the people were placed over the initial months before the Expo kicked off on October 1, 2021, we had to scramble to meet the to on-board over 1,800 team members as directed by the Expo management and various country pavilions over the last two quarters of 2021. This was a period of heightened activity where we had to identify people across roles and levels of experience so that the various pavilions and infrastructure & operations teams did not fall short of the requisite numbers. We had to find those with the requisite experience and skills, with the proviso that they be resident in the UAE and be ready for training and onboarding at short notice. Not to forget the stringent restrictions in place to mitigate the impact of the ongoing pandemic.

While the show closed, our work went on as we shifted gears to ensure a strong collaboration with the Expo management in off-boarding the team members and making sure their dues were cleared, tickets bought for those wishing to return to their countries and ensuring that all equipment and data was returned.

The UHRS team is happy to pat ourselves on the back, for a job well done. We worked as a well-knit team and rose to the challenge of finding the right people at the right time in a high-pressure environment that was further stressed by the Covid 19 mandates. This was perhaps the first time in our history that we had to innovate and deliver beyond the parameters within which an HR Outsourcing firm operates. We were stretched and pushed, but out team spirit and energy helped us stand tall and fulfil this challenging mandate.

Now we know that no challenge is too big for the team at UHRS.