Talent acquisition is the key to hiring talented employees these days. While some companies still acquire talent through in-house teams, many of them outsource this to a talent acquisition firm. While each company executes this in its own way, there are notably several tried and tested steps in the talent acquisition process. The following are some of the most innovative strategies employed by a talent acquisition specialist during the hiring process:

Clear Job Description:

Always post a clear job description. Employees prefer a detailed understanding of the job role with clear information on known areas of responsibilities, corporate grade and pay scale. A talent acquisition consultancy will have to post a clear job description rather than one that reeks of ambiguity.

Campus Recruiting:

Some of the best talents can be scouted via campus recruitment. A talent acquisition group can run a campus recruitment drive that would give them access to fresh talent armed with the latest knowledge of the industry.

Add perks:

Research shows that employees are often attracted by added benefits and not just by the remuneration alone. Top companies like Facebook and Google include perks like all-you-can-eat buffets, both-side cab drop, health insurance, bonuses, family holidays, etc. in order to attract the best talent. A talent acquisition team may consider adding similar perks to attract talented candidates.

Use of Digital Media:

Most companies focus on digital media to hire the best talents. Many companies and talent acquisition recruitment agencies broadcast their vacancies on various social media networks to scout for talent. A talent acquisition agency might think of creative resourcing strategies viz. holding an online competition to find the most suitable candidate. Social media is another potential domain for a talent acquisition recruiter to find suitable candidates. This is because most candidates have online profiles and are also highly active on Facebook, LinkedIn and other such platforms. A talent acquisition recruitment firm can personally connect with candidates on social media and initiate the process of hiring.

Employee Referral:

Talent attracts talent. Employee referral is a great way to fill a position with a specific skillset. A talent management company may initiate an employee referral program, whereby an existing employee is encouraged to refer qualified friends and family members. This can also help the employee in the promotion or earning bonus. It is a win-win situation for both employees as well as the talent acquisition recruitment firm.

Shorter Time to Hire:

Many talent acquisition teams lose out on candidates because they take too long to hire and onboard. By then, good candidates might have been offered another job or even lost interest in the said company. As such, talent acquisition operations need to be carried out in a time-bound manner. This helps in onboarding the best talent available in the market before they are lost out to other firms.

Sell your brand:

While hiring talent, it is imperative to sell your brand in a way that attracts relevant talent with a wide variety of skillsets. Therefore, it is advisable that recruiters streamline all the steps in talent acquisition to ensure that the best possible candidate gets hired.