“ To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace “ - Doug Conant

Creating a workplace where the employees would love to work with dedication is a tough task but a necessary one and it can be achieved with the right employee coaching!

Employee coaching is the process of guiding the employees to achieve their goals and the company’s objectives, while also boosting their morale to enhance their confidence. Coaching employees, as opposed to issuing warnings, results in better work performance, employee retainment and making the employees more proficient in their tasks. Many organizations follow employee coaching programs that give positive results.

As managers, below are some ways you can incorporate the same for your organization

1. Delegation of work

Setting up a goal and giving the right responsibilities to the team matters a lot. Set parameters as to what needs to be achieved and give proper guidelines to do the same. Timelines and responsibility areas should be shared accurately.

2. Supervise correctly

Let the team know that they can count on you and you would be available for help. Guide them through the process and give proper feedbacks – be specific, explain what could have been done differently and provide examples. Valuable and effective feedback is crucial for betterment.

3. Collaborative efforts

Coaching discussions and conversations should involve equal opportunity. The employees should feel heard and valued. Ask them their opinions and perspectives. An equal discussion makes management easier.

4. Motivation and conversation

Understand what motivates your employees and have conversations with them. Get to know their hobbies and their personality, and become a leader who cares. Motivate them to push themselves and learn more about themselves. A friendly relationship goes a long way.


Effective and reliable employee coaching programs not only help increase employee satisfaction but also reduce the rate of quitting. It also helps increase employee engagement and loyalty. These tasks might seem extensive but these are the traits of a leader and a manager an employee would want. The continuous effort and collaboration between the managers and the employees lead to a relationship wherein discipline and trust go hand in hand.