It makes me so proud as a managing director of Ultimate HR Solutions to announce that we (including myself) have crossed another milestone in the history of our company. On the 23rd of April 2016 we completed 15 years as Ultimate HR Solutions. On this occasion, I would sincerely like to thank all our clients, candidates, employees and shareholders for the support and trust they have placed in our company over the years. Without their contribution we would not have a success story to tell.

What began as a small firm with just 3 members has risen up to stand tall amongst the business leads of the time with more than 30 employees in house and over 2700 outsourced with our valued clients. Over the period, our company has had innumerable achievements and accomplishments, especially last year which proved to be our most profitable year in our history.

Without the support of our excellent team it would never have been this successful. Every one of you plays a very important role in the development of our company. It is for your enthusiasm, support and dedication that have brought us to this height. Ultimate shall ever remain indebted to the contributions of its employees and candidates who are with us today or have served us in the past. This includes our outsourced employees who are our biggest marketing agents. Over the years, we have had over 10 000 outsourced employees who have been a part of Ultimate at some point and are today our spokespeople.

We are also grateful to our clients and candidates who trusted in us to help them provide exceptional, quick and transparent services.. Their demands, challenges and feedbacks have pushed us to go ahead and improve constantly. Our success story remains incomplete without the support of our clients and customers.

We are also grateful to our Board who have supported Ultimate HR Solutions and me during good times and troubled times. Without their dreams for Ultimate and their constant support, the company wouldn’t exist. They have been the true pillars of the company.

Since I am asked very often what has been the golden rule for success of Ultimate, I would take this opportunity to share with you my experience. What is most important I have learnt is persistence and the will to never give up. Inspite of what people say, and any challenges that come your way ( and they will come for sure) whether from the legal, client side, or employees side, if you believe in your company and the service you offer is an honest and quality service , then you are on the right track. Persistence and consistency is also very important for the client. You have to be there for the client – to take that call- to respond even if you don’t have an answer, This is what builds trust between the two parties. And this is what leads to success. Being there for your client, for your candidates and employees is the key.

I cant thank you all enough for your contributions to Ultimate. I hope and pray for many more years of success for Ultimate so we get many more years to serve you! Here’s to many many more!!

Amena Baig

Managing Director