Ramadhan Kareem 2015

Ramadhan Kareem Everyone!

May this month be one full of spiritual fulfillment, charity and peace for you and your families.  May it also bring much needed peace around the world.

I often get asked does hiring slow down during the holy month of Ramadhan? It is generally perceived that during Ramadhan due to shorter hours everything slows down including hiring and decision making regarding hiring.

But this is not necessarily the case.  I have been managing Ultimate HR Solutions for the last 14 years and I have not noticed any significant slow down.

Last year, we had a slow Ramadhan for both third party hiring (outsourced positions) as well as recruitment.  But the previous year, Ramadhan was probably the best month of the year.  So as a track record, I would say there is no significant trend noted for hiring during Ramadhan.  It really varies year to year depending more on the economic activity of the year than anything else.

Most of our clients are in the banking sector and the banking sector experiences no slump in sales either.  Employees I feel become more efficient as they are dealing with the same work load and also are assigned the same targets and are still able to meet targets. I believe it is less waste of time during the work day that improves efficiency.    Instead of 8 hours straight employees are working 6 hours and still meeting the same monthly targets is commendable and something to pay more attention to.  Fully understanding this phenomenon will probably take some more research and improve productivity.

I would say usually the auto industry and the retail stores ramp up their hiring during the month of Ramadhan as there are special enticing offers for end users during this time of the month.  On the other hand the F&B sector slows down due to obvious reason.

Will wait and watch what this year holds for us.  Personally I feel it should be positive again because of the  strong economic activity this year.

Have a blessed Ramadhan 2015!

Amena Baig
Managing Director at Ultimate HR Solutions